breaking the status quo


Modern technologies bring speed to the development process, but it does not sacrifice quality.


Decades of experience in IT and Operational effieciencies with a focus on healthcare and pharmacies.


We have to improve every day and leave our comfort zones to break the status quo and achieve outstanding results.


Rogue. Noun \ˈrōg\ - There are many formal definitions of the word rogue, but for us the definition is clear. A willingness to work hard and develop alternative solutions that challenge the status quo. In order to meet these goals, we must live on the edge of technology and use that technology to help you gain on edge on your competitors. Our company was founded by healthcare and pharmacy executives who have had a passion in disrupting how business has historically been done. By listening to the end user, we have been able to improve workflows which were manual and time consuming as well as using technology to find compliance issues while lowering the cost of doing business.

If you are looking at find new ways to improve revenue, minimize workflow or use technology to improve results, then Rogue Edge Technologies can help you by providing virtual leadership, software design services and staffing and consulting services. With office locations on the Gulf Coast of Florida to Southern California, we are strategically located across the United States to meet the needs of your organization and customers.


To break the status quo, we have to break down the boundaries in your organization.



We start by digging into your issues and business situation to design a solution with or without technology which will improve communication, create efficiencies and break the status quo for your customers or your company.


Once we have a complete understanding of your needs, we develop an initital solution to meet your needs and resource constraints. Development may involve software engineering, but it can be as simple as tweaking internal or external processes to save you time and improve overall quality.


Although everyone works towards solutions that are right the first time, lets face facts and recognize the need to continously improve the delivered solution. After all, the first moon landing involved a series of course corrections to get the job done.


In order to get ahead you need to do better than you did yesterday.
Moving around problems does not fix them.


No politics or BS (sorry, we are Rogue after all).
To be honest and open with each other.
To build relationships, not one time business deals.
Learn from challenges and have a greater edge on success the next day.
Leave our comfort zone every day. To improve every day.


Our passion in healthcare and pharmacy drives us to make the industry better for all who are involved. Imagine a world where people are not complaining about healthcare.


Processing Engine

Published Aug 30.

Breaking the Status Quo

Armed with experience, we have embarked on the challenge of a modern integrated medical and pharmacy claim processing platform. Too many of the current systems focus on one task, are monolithic and cannot change quickly to changes.

To break the status quo, it is important for us and our clients to be able to configure the system without IT resources, make changes quickly, integrate with other platforms and run in the cloud.

IT Due Diligence

Published Sep 28.

Applying Expertise

Using our teams knowledge in pharmacy IT infastructure and IT process, we were tasked with reviewing the current state of technology and the supporting processes for a potential acquisition of a mid market PBM.

Throughout the project, we reviewed materials on and off premise, interviewed staff onsite, provided clear documentation and supported the project throughout the decision making process.


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